Alan Chartock in Conversation with Susan Dunn

Washington Susan Dunn is a professor of humanities at Williams College. Prior to her arrival at Williams College, Dunn taught at Harvard University and Wellesley College.

Susan Dunn is the author of numerous books on the Founding Fathers. Her past books include: George Washington, which was part of Times Books’ American Presidents series; and Jefferson’s Second Revolution, which examined the controversial 1800 election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Another notable work by Dunn is Sister Revolutions, which examines the relationship between the American and French Revolutions.

Something that will surprise the world by Susan Dunn Dunn's newest book is titled Something That Will Surprise the World: The Essential Writings of the Founding Fathers, and it collects the letters, speeches and essays of these very prolific men.The book gives readers a firsthand look at thinkers who have had a lot written about them, but whose actual writings are not as well known to a lot of Americans today.

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